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Keep Calm & Catering



We cater to your needs, we are very flexible on the type of catering you would like, to your office, events, parties, gathering which ever the occasion is we will work with you. All the food is provided in aluminum pans catering style, along with all the sides, ingredients and tortillas. 

Our Mezquite Bowl reflects how freshness



Includes, meat (your choice Asada, chicken, Pastor, shrimp) enough tortillas, salsas, guacamole, chips, pico de gallo, limes, radishes, and all the paper goods, plates and napkins.

If you want to add burritos or anything else from our specialty menu we have to pre-make them and have a count of how many would you like. Those are charge individually cause involves melted cheese and other items that are cooked at the moment for freshness. So it’s better we do it here and send them ready.

Prices on House Tacos only.
$11.50 per person
$13.50 per person if you add shrimp

And for anything else on the menu we will give you a price per item depending how many do you need.
We will work with you on anything we are pretty flexible and friendly, we can make it happened just let me know, thank you!

For catering inquiries, contact 

714-760-4441 //

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