Mezquite's STORY

Our story & concept

Javier Fregoso growing up in a border town, Calexico CA – Mexicali Baja California, grew up having really darn good tacos.  He learned that authenticity was paramount and how a real taco should be.  This education was crucial in guiding his career as a cook and restaurateur. He decided to move to LA in 2008, after being there for 2 years he saw there was a need of something spectacular, which was his native food.


He started Mexicali Taco & Co in 2010, with not much money to open a restaurant he decided to start humbly only at a parking lot near Downtown LA, with only a cart and a pick up truck he started his dream and journey on the corner of 1st St and Beaudry, from there on the word started to spread out and eventually they had a crowd of hundreds of people following them, in only 2 years they were able to open their first brick and mortar on 2012, he always had that goal since the first day setting up on that parking lot, after opening the restaurant it became a huge success, it was a no brainer for them, they had a vision and they made it happened.  


 By 2016, Javier saw the opportunity to sell his shares of Mexicali and it gave him the opportunity to start his new company Mezquite It freed him to start this new higher end revolutionary concept, with all that knowledge and experience from his first company he put together something ever greater, for the whole purpose to take it nationwide. After much planning and different en-devours Mezquite became real in 2019.


The concept of Mezquite. is centered on something very different in the taco industry, which is food over mesquite fire wood; a staple of authenticity, unique flavor and a traditional Baja California method to a healthier, tastier and delicious way of making a truly Northern Baja taco. delivering top-notch, authentic delicious tacos like no other, with in-house made tortillas with a wide variety of options to choose from. Our menu is inspired from the flavors of Baja California. As such, we founded Mezquite, a revolutionary taqueria and a new experience to enjoy a true Taco. This is our piece of Baja that will be enjoyed and loved by everyone, Mezquite will transform the taco scene to a whole new level.